cam placer: Four principles for buying second-hand cars

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cam placer: Is it worth buying a second-hand car?

I believe that when many people enter the stage of buying a car. They will continue to be in the middle of buying a new car and buying a second-hand car. In fact, both have their advantages and disadvantages. It is like investing in financial management to buy stocks or funds. Just do a good job of investigation, analysis, and selection. The product that best meets your needs will not only not lose money, but will also allow you to maximize your costs.

I believe that most people want to buy a used car. They are worried about poor technology and insufficient budget for buying a car. They are too late to make a decision because they are afraid of buying a bad used car or being deceived by a badly used car dealer. Seriously! In addition to lepaskunci and original second-hand cars, there are also some small second-hand car dealers and online self-sale sellers. They choose a variety of choices, plus a bunch of things to worry about, let alone you sitting in front of the computer. There is no choice. Most people can’t decide easily.

Are you worried about buying a problematic second-hand car? Worried about encountering badly used car dealers? Don’t know the car and don’t have a good friend of the car god?

Do not worry! Today, I will sort out the necessary lazy bags for buying second-hand cars. You can’t help but know the four principles of buying second-hand cars. Follow along to make sure that you are no longer worried and afraid. Check used car like a cam placer.

Four major channels for buying and selling used cars

? Original certified second-hand cars 

The original certified second-hand cars are all dominated by the original brand car manufacturers, so the brand image must not be damaged. Therefore, if you have a preference for the brand, choosing to buy a second-hand, certified-factory car is definitely a cost-effective choice.

? Used Car Union

is currently lepaskunci has SAVE certified car alliance, SUM used car, HOT big leagues, EasyCar quality car, CarOK liking. The Union of high-quality vehicles and so on. Each league has its own certification and warranty mechanism to authenticate SAVE Take the Auto Union as an example. The certified car must be professionally inspected by a certified engineer, and the certificate will only be given if it fully meets the standards. After buying the car, you can enjoy high-quality warranty items. The peace of mind and guarantee will definitely satisfy you who want to buy a second-hand car.

? General used car dealers

Generally used car dealers vary in good and bad, and the guarantee standards and warranty conditions are also different. Therefore, disputes occur more often. If you choose to buy with ordinary car dealers, you must use Google to make more use of it. It is also easy to distinguish between unscrupulous car dealers and good local car dealers.

? Self-selling sellers and

self-selling sellers have a really high risk of buying a car. There are some self-selling sellers on the Internet that advertise their own cars, good prices, and good car conditions. Photos and false prices are used to attract you to visit and buy a car. After a problem occurs, you can’t find anyone looking for it! It is recommended to find a car dealer with a physical store to buy more insurance. Check platform for buying a used car in Malaysia. 

Principle 1: Collect data for homework

Whether it is buying a new car or buying a used car. It is absolutely necessary to consult Google to collect data. The homework for buying a used car will be a little more than a new car, mainly because the car dealers in the market choose Linlang. In addition, second-hand cars have the characteristics of one vehicle, not only because of the different market conditions of the car model and year, but also because of the difference in mileage, vehicle conditions, and other conditions, the market will rise or fall, so it is easy to get out of the bounds if you do enough homework. Find a car that meets your needs in the car seat and a trusted seller. cam placer:

Fortunately, it’s the Internet age. All the information can be found on relevant used car websites. The used car forums, used car clubs, or major discussion areas. Data, and then sum up your own demand budget, car models, market conditions, etc.! Gradually narrow the information you have, not only can you find a trustworthy car dealer. But also easily find a car that meets your true needs. Even if you are afraid of being brainwashed by the sales industry. check also a model of a used car like PERODUA VIVA

Principle 2: Abandon the myth of mileage.

Do you pay special attention to mileage when you buy a car?

cam placer: You can definitely include mileage as one of the factors to consider. When buying a car, but the mileage is definitely not the only indicator for evaluating. The condition of a used car, because a small mileage definitely does not mean that the condition of the car must be good. You must also consider the year of the vehicle. For past users’ car usage, maintenance habits, etc., it is of course best if you can ask the seller to provide evidence of past maintenance history.

Worried about becoming a victim of unscrupulous car dealers tampering with mileage?

In addition to verifying the authenticity of the mileage through the maintenance records.We can now download the “Supervision Service App” with our mobile phone to check the mileage of the vehicle for free! Remember to make good use of the government’s convenience services to avoid unscrupulous car dealers or sellers from adjusting their meters!

Principle 3: Is there a third-party impartial appraisal or certification.

Are you a car expert? Or do you have a god-man friend?

cam placer: If you have none of the above, then buying a used car is definitely a big test. Because if you don’t know the car, how do you judge the car’s condition by yourself? If you encounter bad car dealers due to bad luck, you must be prepared to buy a car until it has been repaired, or keep looking at the road!

Therefore, it is very important whether the used car dealers provide a third-party fair appraisal report or a certificate from the used car alliance, or a certificate from the automobile association! Generally speaking, if you buy a car from a car dealer of the lepaskunci car dealer You can ask the car dealer to provide you with a vehicle certification. You can also actively ask the car dealer or seller. Whether the vehicle can be appraised by a third-party impartial appraisal unit.

The third-party impartial appraisal unit is conducted by professional technicians. According to the current situation of the vehicle. From a professional perspective, they can help you understand whether the second-hand car you want to buy is a water tanker or a major accident vehicle. It can even check the various functions of the vehicle. Take the SAA appraisal, an impartial appraisal unit, as an example. The basic appraisal project can give you a clear understanding of the appearance of the car body, body frame, and structure, engine room parts, vehicle chassis system, and confirm.

whether the used car you want to buy has accidents, and more It can help you confirm the status of the interior and electrical control, and do the inspection of the water car/business car. You can clearly know the actual condition of the vehicle through the SAA appraisal report, and you don’t have to worry about the seller’s talk to fool you.

In addition, most of the used car trade associations currently actively provide vehicle certifications issued by the used car alliances on the market. Generally, the certifications have guarantees for non-soaked cars/business taxis, non-accident cars, and non-engine modifications. You can filter out the problematic vehicles.

Principle 3: Simply judging the

the car’s condition is the so-called asking someone is better than asking yourself. If you can learn some car-watching skills and master the key points of car condition judgment, you can also avoid falling into the trap of unscrupulous car commercial rhetoric!

Point 1: Observe the appearance and interior

Although used car dealers will initially organize the appearance and interior, the devil is always hidden in the details. It is recommended that when buying a used car. The most basic appearance and interior should be checked first to confirm whether it is obvious and easy to see. The scars or small flaws that you cannot accept can be dealt with first by communicating with the middle-aged car dealer. Here is also reminding you~ The clean and beautiful exterior and interior are not directly related to the car’s condition! Perodua Viva

Point 2: Observing the car body structure

Observing the car body structure is one of the ways to judge whether an accident or collision has occurred. Most car accidents are caused by collisions between the front or rear of the car, so the front and rear of the car are definitely the focus of observation! Don’t miss it. cam placer:

Front part:

Both sides of the hood and the front fender are close to the front part. Under normal conditions, the gap should be smooth and consistent. If the gap is noticeably larger, you must lift the hood and check the front leaves carefully. Whether there are any traces of disassembly and repair of the screws of the plate and the hood; in addition, if the sheet parts have not been dismantled and replaced, make sure that the labels of the hood and the water tank frame are complete.

Rear part: 

When inspecting the rear of the car, remember to open the trunk floor to see. If there are any traces of repairs, whether the spare tire and the tools attached to the car are kept intact. In addition, there are many screws on the trunk lid, and you can also carefully observe whether it has been disassembled. trace.

Point 3: Observe whether it is a water-soaking car and want to determine. Whether the vehicle has been soaked in water. It is recommended that you remove the carpet and door frame rubber strips to see. If there is sedimentation, and you can preliminarily confirm whether it has been soaked in water. Check used car like cam placer

cam placer: Regardless of your budget for buying a second-hand car, buying a second-hand car is an asset purchase after all. It is recommended to check and compare more. Although there are still many decent sellers, it is also necessary to avoid being affected by the sales words of unscrupulous merchants. Sign the contract quickly, so as not to outweigh the loss in the future!

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