Qasim Ali Shah Influencer and Encouraging Speaker

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Qasim Ali Shah, a corporate trainer, an inspirational speaker, a success coach, is an inspiring academician, a best-seller author, and a philanthropist. He began his career as a teacher, motivational speaker, and life coach. His presentations are usually relevant among the public owing to his regional language, attitude, and real-life situations. So far, he has spoken at hundreds of inspiring seminars and workshops on numerous issues of self-help. His live audience whom he has taught so far is around nine million including civil and session judges, highly positioned business and governmental sector professionals, and armed forces. Most recently, he has been awarded the greatest trainer by the Punjab Judiciary Academy.

With a goal to serve mankind at large, he offers free-of-cost workshops on diverse themes all throughout Pakistan. He has genuinely committed himself to the people of his homeland by sharing the light of his wisdom and expertise. He has written hundreds of pieces for numerous publications and has produced seven important best-selling books. Hundreds of articles and blogs have been published about his efforts and accomplishments at the national and international levels. So far, he has more than 2000 online inspirational lectures posted on his YouTube channel with 2.88 million followers.

According to motivational speaker Qasim Ali Shah, a woman’s primary purpose in life is to become a ‘good wife’ and a ‘good mother’.

The speaker’s latest interview, which went viral across social media, is being called out for being one-sided and anti-women. However, a certain part also feels that his statements. Were blown out of proportion and that Qasim wasn’t intending to insult women in any manner.

His chart-topping books are Teacher se Trainer Tak, Guftugu Qasim Ali Shah kay Saath, Targheeb, Soch ka Hamaliya, Apni Talash, Oonchi Uraan, Kamyabi ka Paigham, Jeet ki Janib, Bari Manzil ka Musafir, Zara Namm Ho, 365 Aqwaal-e-Khudshanasi, Aap ka Career Encyclopedia, Bach Kamyaab Ho Sakta He and Evening Rides with my Guru written by Abu Bakat Zahoor on Qasim Ali Shah. In acknowledgment of his efforts to the nation. Punjab Safe City Authority and the University of Gujrat have recognized him as their brand ambassador. While the Government of Uzbekistan has designated him as its ‘Brand Ambassador for Tourism’.

A combined training program to reduce marriage difficulties

Matrimony has always been a contentious issue since flawless weddings are only fantasies that barely come true. In recent years, the incidence of broken or unsettled marriages has further grown since individuals have begun drifting away from their origins. A large part in this debacle plays the parents. They neither work on the actual social training of their children nor pay any mind to their home attitude. Every each day we learn about some divorce incidence or observe individuals chatting about some mismatch in their household. Nobody stops to think about the reasons for such bad marriages which end up in separation or a married existence nothing less than a nightmare.

A very important cause for such concerns is the alienation of our young from domestic tasks. Either boys or girls, everyone is seen busy becoming financially established before their nuptials. But none prepares for the actualization of the link between the two families. Men are out for their employment scarcely paying any regard to family duties while females are either pursuing their professions or living in their confined circles having zero acceptance for anything not in accordance with their moods. A very important cause is the negligence of parents who never educate their children to accommodate others. Modern-day parents don’t teach their kids to be modest and friendly. They never mention to their children that the kitchen is the center of a home and standing and cooking over there is never a dishonor rather a pride. They never transmit to their kids that being hospitable to the family, relatives, and friends adds to the charm of their own family.

Fathers don’t advise boys that other than earning a solid livelihood, honoring their elders is also a vital component of life while moms don’t instruct their daughters on how to conduct family issues properly. Indeed it has become a great societal scourge that is eating away our relations and making us along even in the hurry of the people.

Qasim Ali Shah is recognized as one of the well-known writers of Pakistan. His essays are published regularly in the main newspapers and publications of the nation. [5] He has published twelve novels so far,[6] which are among the best-selling books in Pakistan. There are two novels been written by Qasim Ali Shah. One book is entitled Evening Rides with My Guru by a young student Abu Bakr Zahoor and an Urdu version. The name Guru is also available. The second book, Tashkent to Istanbul by Altaf Amir released in 2020. In 2018, Considering his passion and devotion to books. He was appointed as the head of Lahore Bestival. The biggest book fair in Pakistan.

College of Tourism & Hotel Management (COTHM) and Qasim Ali Shah Foundation have joined hands to train and assist the ladies of our society in the proper path in this respect. Both the organizations have chosen to prepare the girls for a successful marital life both in terms of managing domestic tasks and pursuing a job. In a memorandum of understanding (MoU), both the organizations have agreed on developing a combined training program; Maizbaan to equip the women of our homes with both hard and soft skills. Hard skills which include cooking and other domestic tasks will be handled by COTHM. While Qasim Ali Shah Foundation will take care of the soft/life skills.

The curriculum Maizbaan has eight practical classes which are i- Positive Approach towards Life, ii- Culinary Skills, iii- Food & Nutrition, iv- The Art of Baking & Patisserie, v- Emotional Intelligence, vi- Desserts Directory, vii- The Dining Etiquettes, and viii- Parenting. It is anticipated that the parents would have their daughters enrolled in this one-month training program. Maizbaan at least once before their nuptials and the collaborative efforts of both COTHM and Qasim Ali Shah Foundation will convert them into a skillful, polite, and hospitable generation.

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