A complete Rich list of China 2020

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I thought I’d show you a list of the richest people in China today

The number of people on the Hurun China Rich List has increased by more than 20%, according to list editor Rupert Hoogewerf, as well as the wealth of those on the list, which has increased as a result of carbon reduction objectives and a flurry of new listings for tech-related enterprises.

Including Zeng Yuqun, founder of battery maker CATL, and Wang Chuanfu, CEO of Warren Buffett-backed electric vehicle maker BYD with respective fortunes worth $47.4 billion and $22 billion on the Hurun Rich List, eight of the ten wealthiest people are all involved in the “new energy” creation business.

Starting this year, the Hurun Rich List will include entrepreneurs from Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan for the first time. The Hurun Rich List has been published annually since 1999. Nearly a third of the list’s projected increase in 2021 will be accounted for by these new entries. With a combined worth of $5.3 trillion, 2,918 people have been added to the Hurun Rich List.

According to Hurun’s statistics, Pony Ma’s net worth has dropped by 19 percent since 2020. With Alibaba founder Jack Ma’s fortune falling by 36%, he fell from first to the fifth position on the wealthy list within the same time period. Be aware that both Mas is still worth an estimated $49.2 billion and $39.6 billion, respectively, despite their recent demise.

Keep in mind the plight of TAL Education founder Zhang Bangxin, who saw his fortune drop by 94% when Beijing effectively abolished private education in July. Zhang’s fortune has dwindled to a pitiful $890 million.

Along with the prospects of their sector, the fortunes of real estate moguls have plummeted. As a result, developers who were already heavily in debt were unable to get more financing. No real estate moguls have made it into the top ten since the list was first published in 1999. Xu Jiayin, the chairman of Evergrande, fell from the fifth position to 70th place in the rankings.

A shocking counter-narrative to the downfall of Big Tech is provided by Zhang Yiming of ByteDance, the parent firm of TikTok. Zhang, 38, increased his fortune to $52.8 billion last year, making him China’s second wealthiest man.

The Huiyan family of Yang Huiyan

Twenty-nine and a half billion dollars

Real estate is a major industry.

Country Garden Holdings, a real estate development company, with the heiress as its major stakeholder. Her father Yeung Kwok Keung, who created the firm and currently serves as chairman, handed her an interest in the company to her.

The net worth of William Lei Ding is $33 billion.

Sector: the online gaming industry

When China was hit by a pandemic, demand for NetEase’s online gaming and remote-learning goods soared by 24% in 2020. Harry Potter: Magic Awakened,” The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War,” and “Pok√©mon Quest” are just some of the games in the works at this time for Nintendo.

The net worth of Qin Yinglin and her family is $33.5 billion.

Pig breeding is a business.

He and his wife Qian Ying started Muyuan Foodstuff Co., China’s largest hog breeder, in 1992 with only 22 pigs. By 2020, the company expects to employ 140,000 people and generate over 18 million pigs. One of the company’s board members is a billionaire named Qian.

Zhang Yiming has an estimated net worth of $35.6 billion.

TikTok is a company in this industry.

It was in a four-bedroom flat that Zhang started ByteDance, which is well known for its famous TikTok app. Toutiao, a Chinese news aggregation app, was the company’s first huge success in China before TikTok took the globe by storm. The unicorn was valued at $180 billion in a fundraising deal in December.

He Xiangjian’s net worth is $37.7 billion.

the appliance industry for the home

An abduction attempt on the co-founder of Midea Group was allegedly foiled in June when a group of armed men attempted to storm into his house with explosives. To inform the police, his kid reportedly swam across a river from the residence. He resigned as Midea’s chairman in 2012, although he and his family still have a significant interest in the company.

It is estimated that Wang Wei has a net worth of 39 billion dollars

Package delivery is a major industry.

During China’s Covid-19 lockdowns, his S.F. Express dubbed the “FedEx of China,” had a 37% increase in revenue in 2020. Founded in 1993, the firm went public on the Shenzhen Ownership Exchange via a reverse merger 24 years later. Wang currently holds roughly 60% of the company’s stock.

To put it into perspective, Jack Ma has a net worth of $48.5 billion.

The e-commerce industry

In November, Chinese authorities put a stop to the dual listing of Ant Group, the fintech company founded by Alibaba cofounder Daniel Zhang. An anti-monopoly inquiry on his e-commerce enterprise was begun by Chinese officials in December.

A little-known detail about Jack Ma is that he graduated from the prestigious Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB). As a member of the China CEO Program in 2006, he joined the CKGSB.

The affluence of Colin Zheng Huang ($55,3 billion)

The e-commerce industry

It was announced in March that Pinduoduo’s creator had stepped aside from his position as chairman to focus on food and life sciences research. Only five years after Huang established Pinduoduo, the business eclipsed Alibaba as China’s most popular e-commerce company in 2020 with 788.4 million users. Although Pinduoduo’s yearly sales is just $9.1 billion, it nevertheless eclipses the annual revenue of the larger company.

The famous Zhejiang University, one of China’s Ivy League institutions, is where Huang began his computer science studies.

Two. Ma Huateng’s net worth is $65.8 billion dollars.

The Internet media industry

It’s another triumph for Tencent, the company that holds shares in Tesla, Snap, and Spotify, with the February public offering of video-sharing app Kuaishou. In the Hong Kong-listed company, Tencent, the company best known for its messaging and social media program WeChat, holds an 18% stake.

Zhao Shanshan’s net worth is $68.9 trillion.

Beverage manufacturing

It was Nongfu Spring’s initial public offering (IPO) in September 2020 that made him the year’s largest gainer and China’s wealthiest person. Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmacy, which went public on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in April 2020, is another company Zhong serves on the board of directors for.

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